About us


To reshape the traditional recruitment procedure and strategically modify it to make it suitable for people, by shifting the focus on skills rather than personal qualification or inexperience.


To encourage organization to adapt a recruitment model based on the skill set acquired by a candidate. To handhold and push people to be proficient in their skills and teach them the relevant skill set required out of them in the current corporate workplace scenario.

About us

IMTMCV is a platform that offers people exhaustive skill-based training programs in combination with the required tactics to ace the recruitment process and make a mark in the industry.

We are a bunch of passionate and dedicated minds stepping up to change the current recruitment procedures and dogmas existing in the current corporate work environment. We have a cumulative experience of 40 years with a hands-on experience across multiple functions in Training and Recruitment arena.

The platform strives to provide training and placement to prospective candidates who are in need of amplifying their skills and knowledge to excel in their career. At IMTMCV, we specialize in offering career guidance in creating a pathway which is suitable for the candidate and that aligns itself properly with the current market trend. IMTMCV always keeps a tap on the future possibilities for candidates who equivalently have the passion to acquire the latest skills and technological knowledge that will help them take up challenging opportunities.

We at IMTMCV understand the core of the recruitment and the competency required to get a job or placement in a company of your choice. We evaluate the interest of candidates who show keen interest to work in a specific company or work environment and then accordingly work on their overall development that will enable them to improve their performance achieve their career goals.


  1. Exhaustive skill-based training which is not provided by Conventional Education System
  2. Enhancing a candidates IQ, EQ and various other allied skill set
  3. Aims on preparing a candidate to be job ready with training-based approach
  4. Placing a job seeker to a suitable corporate environment based on his skills and proficiency
  5. Transforming a job seeker to match the technologically evolving job market
  6. Non-technical skills that covers the overall grooming required for the interview process