Corporate Grooming

Corporate Grooming

Corporate grooming is about ensuring that an employees grooming, including dressing, personal hygiene and personality reflect a positive and professional image about himself, and thereby ensures that he is able to represent his business in a professional manner.

Looking at your personal self, it is about presenting a professional image of your self which helps showcase a positive impression with your clients and prospects, peers and superiors. It is about knowing how to manage your own self so as to project a better image of yourself as well as your business.

These days, apart from your business proposition and the value of your product, it also helps if you project a confident and an extremely successful image. People are not only convinced in what goes on in the transaction. Those with whom you are interacting for a business deal would also be assessing you on your appearance and social etiquette.

Since most of the businesses today about people, and interaction with others for business – it is important that your employees convey the right professional image to the outside world. This is where, relevant inputs on personal grooming becomes important. And personal grooming clearly extends beyond following an organisations dress code policy. Corporate grooming should not just be about dressing and personal hygiene, it also has to include elements of personality development.

While it helps to develop relevant understanding of professional grooming, it is also important to develop on relevant skills for professional networking and socializing.

In a corporate and a professional work-place, image and impression play an important role. How people perceive you and see you is a lot to do with whether they like you and want to work with you or not. Hence, professional grooming is important. How you carry yourself, how you dress, what you speak, how you conduct yourself is no doubt, important! Professionals need to understand that grooming themselves will not just build their personality but will give them confidence and the ability to create that right impression. Somehow, your personal conduct reflects your inner being and what you feel about yourself within. In the subconscious, you need to feel that you are important to an organization and that you have the will and the confidence to take your organization to another level. This, in turn, comes from how well you are accepted by your team members and this depends on your personal and professional grooming.

Professional GroomingOne of the most important things is to dress correctly at work place and for meetings. Clothes affect mannerisms. Your clothing should compliment you for who you are. You may not want to make a fashion statement but it is important that you are well-dressed. Apart from wearing well fit clothes, see to it that you choose corporate colors. Clothes should be neatly ironed. Women should avoid wearing chunky jewellery and heavy make-up. Shoes should always be well polished. It is also important to smell good. Use a good perfume and a deodorant. Maintain a neat hairstyle. Men should keep their hair short. Women should also style their hair appropriately. Avoid loud hairstyles. Keep it simple and elegant. Men should always shape your beard. Some prefer a clean shave which is done daily. Women should regularly go for waxing, manicure, pedicure to look neat. Get your eyebrows done for a defined look.

Always keep a hand sanitizer, a moisturizer, and a face wash with you apart from make-up essentials like compact and eye pencil. Always apply sanitizer and hand lotion before you go for a meeting.

Corporate accessories are not mandatory but they enhance your look considerably. Bags, watches, belts, sun glasses are accessories that help you to enhance your professional look. Belts should generally be leather and of a good quality. Women should use light jewellery such as clip-on earrings, thin necklace, rings (but not too many) etc.

As a professional you should always ensure your makeup is conservative. Tattoos are to be avoided as much as possible especially on parts of the body that are exposed. In the workplace setting, as you meet clients, bosses, team members, always wear a smile. Everyone has their own share of problems but the best thing you can do is to appear like you have no issues. No one ever wants to stick around gloomy people. Maintain a good body posture. Avoid slouching. When sitting, ensure that your back is straight. Women should sit with crossed legs. These are some of the tips that will help you a lot in your professional world.

Importance of Grooming:

1. It is the process of making yourself look neat and attractive.

2. The things which you do to make yourself and your appearance tidy and pleasant.

3. Grooming is important for a positive self-image and to encourage and assist the resident to maintain a pleasing and attractive appearance.