In the present times, students face many challenges whether it is keeping up with their syllabus, decent grades, world knowledge, self-interests and much more. They certainly reach a point in their life where they are expected to choose a specific stream for a successful career ahead. But is that simple?

Career planning is a complex process that will change according to situations and one will continually have to make career and life decisions. Making a fruitful career choice is a challenge for most students as they are confused by the subject choices, peer pressure and family opinions. This is where professional career consultancy comes to the rescue. It is a scientific method of guiding an individual through his/her career choices.


Marketing Funnel Overview

Understanding impressions, CTR, Clicks, Conversion ratio, Leads, Conversions, Optimisation Metrics

Understanding payment terms CPC, CPM, CPL, CPA. Coversion from CPC to ecpm, ecpa and vice versa.

Platform Basics

Account creation, Billing methods and understanding the Adwords Hierarchy

MCC- My client center creation, Understanding hierarchy, RTB- Real Time Bidding

Understanding Landing pages, landing page essentials, A-B testing, Split testing

Search Campaign

How to structure campaigns, understanding search campaign dynamics, Umbrella structure, targeting, Budgets, Geotargeting

Understanding keyword types, Ad copy structure, Ad extensions, Bidding, Ad ranks etc.

Campaign creation through keyword planner tool. Traffic estimation tool

Getting right keyword structure, shared library, bulk edits, setting rules

Search Campaign Optimisation

Understanding key parameters to improve optimisation, understanding impression shares, ad rank calculation Optimisation for devices, location, time zones etc

Dynamic Ads

While you have been deciding on the keywords to run your ads it might make sense to give Google a free hand to try it’s intelligence as well to compliment your ads, hence dynamic ads can be used. Dynamic url tracking, understanding url structure and parameters. Display Ads Understanding display targeting parameters. How to set up display ads effectively

When to use CPC bids , when to use CPM bids

Understanding differential bidding, target and bid or bid only parameters.


How to set up remarketing camapaigns, understanding remarketing tags, bidding strategies, groups etc

How remarketing works, what are cookie? Hhow do cookies work in remarketing, understanding limitations

Conversion Tracking

How to set up conversion tracking code, tracking assisted conversions and impressions, first click , last click analysis

Video Ads

Understanding Video ad formats, bidding , true view video ads, remarketing etc


Understanding search impression metrics, display impression metrics, Ad rank calculations, Cost of clicks.

Shopping Ads

Merchant center creation, Data feed creation, Merchant center adwords linking, Shopping ad creation.

Assistance in Google Adwords certification.

You think of a domain name and buy the same, we offer you a server space on which you can run your adwords campaign live.

Every digital marketing batch gets to create a real time live campaign on Google Adwords. This ensures the learning and implementation are perfect.

Learn it from Google Partners.

Access to live adwords data so as to understand key metrics like SIS, Segement Data, Automation rules, Conversion data