Free Career Consultancy

Free Career Consultancy

In the present times, students face many challenges whether it is keeping up with their syllabus, decent grades, world knowledge, self-interests and much more. They certainly reach a point in their life where they are expected to choose a specific stream for a successful career ahead. But is that simple?

Career planning is a complex process that will change according to situations and one will continually have to make career and life decisions. Making a fruitful career choice is a challenge for most students as they are confused by the subject choices, peer pressure and family opinions. This is where professional career consultancy comes to the rescue. It is a scientific method of guiding an individual through his/her career choices.

The career development of a student is influenced by numerous factors present in their lives such as interests, strengths, personality, values, lifestyle, and background. Career consultancy not only opens the door to best career choices but also highlights the major qualities of your personality. The aim of career guidance institutes is to define a suitable career path for a student where career counselors play a key role. Career counsellors are qualified and trained experts that make students realize their interests, work and career trends so that they can take a well-informed career planning decision. The route to the right career starts with the support of a career guidance counselor and the practices they follow. Career consultancy is unbiased and highlights the major points to consider while making a career direction through a collaborative partnership with the students.

Why One Needs Free Career Consultancy?

To Find the Best Career Choice

There are many instances in the life of students where they are at the crossroads, trying to choose between a perfect career and their interests. Many students fear their parents or blindly trust their choices and end up selecting the wrong field of study without inspecting their inner qualities.

Redefining the power of knowledge, guidance and consultancy in education sector allow students to make better career decisions. Every student has a unique set of capabilities as well as different exploration needs regarding a career choice. Keeping this aspect in mind, experts conduct career counseling for students where they listen to student views patiently. They help them define career goals and provide a concrete roadmap to reach them. Career counseling for students incorporates trusted approaches to understand their abilities, strengths, knowledge, and interests. Many students fall victim to peer pressure and limited knowledge of career trends and decide on a wrong stream. A Career guidance counselor helps the students understand their real career goals. They can also be helpful at the stage of entering the working environment or when wanting to shift to a new career.

To Discover All the Opportunities in the Market

One of the most vulnerable situations for a student comes when they pass high school. For some students, choosing a career path is a piece of cake while others struggle to extract the relevant information for their career. This is where career guidance and consultancy platforms come into action. Career counsellors associated with such platforms are proficient in delivering essential advice to the students in need. They keep themselves updated with what’s latest in the market through research and are the right people to know about the job opportunities and current market scenario. For instance, you might still be unaware of the job areas like ethical hacking, bartending, and astrophysics. However, a career guidance institute with thorough research and proper direction allows you to make an informed and safe decision. Besides, career counselors help the students with diverge mindset to lead a specific and robust career choice. You must visit a career guidance institute to discover the effective alternatives present in the market.

A career guide has relevant experience in understanding the psychology of the students, the scope of different streams and the ability to assess the real potential of the students. But it is important to avail career consultancy services only from a reputed institute.

Who Needs Free Career Consultancy and When?

It is important to understand that career development is not a growth process in the vacuum. Career consultancy does not only help one make the decisions they need to make today but it gives you the relevant knowledge and skills to make future career and life decisions.

Career consultancy services should be best availed during the age of 13-18 (8th to 12th class). This time period accounts for some of the most vulnerable years for the students as they experience many physical and emotional changes. Especially, what to do after 12th standard, students require career consultancy to choose the right colleges and courses for better study and job opportunities.

The second stage of career guidance comes after the completion of graduation. Students might be confused about their future course of study or jobs as a fresher. Some may even be thinking of switching to another stream altogether. Nowadays, career guides are also helping people who are interested in changing career after their post graduation and leave their mark in a completely different field.

Things to Know before Going for Free Career Consultancy

There may be many doubts about career consultancy services, their legitimacy and their effect on career choices. However, it is important to know what happens at consultancy and what does not:

  1. Free Career Consultancy helps in figuring out the personality of the candidate. It also helps to understand what they want from their education, career and life.
  2. Career guides are there to talk about the thoughts of candidates, their feelings, the concerns about their career, their educational choices, etc. and organize all these thoughts to reach to a favourable decision.
  3. Career counsellors help candidates to locate resources and sources of career information.
  4. Narrowing and evaluating different career choices becomes easy with the help of a career guide.
  5. These guides assist individuals in understanding the factors that may influence their career development, interests, abilities, and values.
  6. Counsellors help you to develop the steps in career planning.
  7. However, career counsellors do not directly vouch for particular careers, courses, and colleges. Their views are unbiased and based on candidates’ abilities.
  8. Career consultancy is not a service that helps people get a job or admission in college. They may help in starting writing a resume but do not write one.
  9. Taking consultancy for planning career is not a short-term process that gives instant results.

What is I am more than my CV?

I am more than my CV (IMTMCV) is the largest and one of the most reputed career consultancy service providers in India. It has the largest number of students served for consultancy services and currently working with 7 lac students in the academic year 2017-18. At IMTMCV, we assist students to choose the best career by helping them in identifying their abilities.

How IMTMCV Provides the Best Free Career Consultancy in India?

I am more than my CV have the best career counsellors in Mumbai, India who use scientific methods, aptitude tests along with numerous other tools and career tests like psychometric tests to assist students of 9th -12th standard and college students to provide a better career guidance. Its proprietary career assessment tools have been taken by 6,00,000 + students till date, the largest number for any career assessment tests developed in India.

It is vigilant about taking students’ personal interests into consideration and sharing the apt career choices. Expect well-researched, unbiased and up-to-minute updated content on 450+ careers, 400+ entrance exams and 360+ scholarships/competitions. There are numerous career counsellors in India, but there are hardly any career counsellors and career consultancy centres with such a deep and systematic methodology as I am more than my CV.

We are not a limited platform that only focuses on asking about the desired career choices of a student. Instead, I am more than my goes beyond that and encourages a student to always be self-aware and aware of the market trends. We offer expert-level tools that help students analyze their personality, understand their career matches, and embrace the most optimal career option for themselves with continuous support from career counsellors along the way.

As a career guidance and consultancy platform, I am more than my understands how important is a career can be for a student. Thus, we are here to strategize a solid career plan for you. I am more than my CV aims to be a strong pillar for the young generation of India by accelerating their careers in the right direction. strive to provide the best advice and support to the students regarding mastering their goals and bringing career satisfaction.

Career consultancy in India is not so difficult anymore because of the presence of I am more than my CV. It is also India’s first and only multilingual career consultancy platform with career content available in English & Hindi language, with Marathi & Telugu content already in process. One just needs to connect to our career experts and we will ensure continuous assistance till you make good progress in your career path. I am more than my CV also provides Free Career Consultancy in Mumbai.